Baby Grow Decorating Baby Shower Game

Posted on June 1, 2016 in Featured/ Games

Baby Grow Decorating Baby Shower Game

What You’ll Need

Baby grows. You’ll need a baby grow for each guest taking part in the game. This pack of 5 White Sleeveless Bodysuits for 0-3 Month Old’s is good value at £6.80 and the suits are 100% cotton but any plain baby grows will do.

Permanent markers. It’s important to use high quality markers to ensure the designs don’t wash off. A Pack of 8 Sharpie Stained Fabric Marker in Assorted Colours should do the trick. Their ink won’t fade on most materials during a normal wash cycle and they are designed for use on fabric. Plus the range of colours will give guests plenty of choice when they come to create their designs.

How To Play

Set up a table and lay out a baby grow for each guest, a range of coloured permanent markers (ensuring they are safe to use on babies clothes) and let each guest design a baby grow that baby can wear in the future.

You could set up a piece of string between two poles on which guests could peg their finished baby grows so everyone can see the final designs.

Mum-to-be could be asked to judge and select her favourite as the winner or you could simply use the game as a fun activity for guests to take part in.

Tip: If your party isn’t particularly artistic why not leave out some stencils to help them?

Photo courtesy of Javier González.

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