Stunning Baby Shower Cakes in the North of Scotland from Cups Tea Room, Scrabster

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Ros Campbell aka Mrs Cups is following her dreams and baking stunning celebration cakes while running a beautiful vintage tea room, Cups Tea Room in the far North of Scotland. Photos of her stunning baby shower cakes caught our eye and we asked her to share more about this aspect of her award winning business.

Tell us a little bit about you and your business.

Its been my life long ambition to own a tea room and spend my days baking. I have always been a keen baker and have happy memories of standing on a stool at my grannies cooker making pancakes. Four years ago I took the plunge, left my job running a training centre, opened Cups, and retrained at Paul Bradfords School of Sugarcraft to make bespoke custom celebration cakes. Cups is a little, award winning, vintage tearoom in the very far north of Scotland. We specialise in all things tea and cake but also have a comprehensive breakfast and lunch menu. We use good old tried and tested family recipes. Fully licensed, we are popular for hen parties, birthday tea parties and baby showers. I operate my cake business from there, I am the only ‘caker’ and make and decorate all the cakes myself. I have been invited to enter competitions over Scotland but I am not very competitive and with my very busy work load it is difficult to take time out. I never dreamt that the cake business would be as popular as it is but am delighted that people want me to bake for their parties in Cups and their special days.

Mrs Cups, Cups Tea Room, Scrabster

When did you first start making cakes for baby showers?

I started making the baby shower cakes and cupcakes for people booking showers in the tearoom but they have taken off and are now one of my specialities. Along with my wedding cakes they are my most requested cakes.

Cups Tea Room Baby Shower Baby Cupcake

What was your favourite baby shower job so far?

On my goodness that is difficult….. I love a challenge, so love to make as many different designs as I can. The baby changing bag cakes are wonderful, so beautiful accompanied with iced cookies and cupcakes. I was recently asked to make a whole ‘nursery’ of cupcake toppers which travelled all the way across the world to Australia for a ‘sip and see’ party ….. a privilege to be asked and such a lovely story.

Cups Tea Room Cath Kidston Baby Changing Bag Cake
Cups Tea Room Cath Kidston Baby Changing Bag Cake Detail

Have you noticed any trends develop in recent years?

For us here in Caithness, baby showers are relatively new, but they have taken off with great gusto. When I was young the very idea of buying gifts for a baby before it was born was unheard of, we were a very superstitious group of highlanders!

Whose baby shower cake would you love to bake?

Every new baby is so very special. My cakes are bespoke and I design my cakes by talking to the families and customising them to fit their special day. I would love to make a very large extravagant cake where time was no object and my creativity could go wild.

Cups Tea Room Baby Shower Cakes

What’s your favourite part of your job?

I dream in cake and have a passion for my job. I feel so lucky to be given the opportunity to meet and work for so many lovely people. Baby shower cakes often hold that little bit of mystery, not knowing if it’s for a boy or a girl. I love it when my customers send me photos of their wee ones once they arrive, and come back for their birthday cakes giving me the opportunity to see them grow. It is so rewarding to see my customers reaction to my cakes, I love to make them happy.

And your least favourite?

Some of my cakes take hours and hours to make, and feel like old friends, once they are finished I want to keep them. I very seldom see them cut and when I have been present it can be a little sad …. Although I do say my cakes are made for eating and sharing with friends and it is rewarding to see them being enjoyed.

Have you got any advice for anyone looking to order a baby shower cake?

It’s always lovely when people arrive at their consultation armed with ideas, it makes it easier for me to give them something they will love. My diary is very busy so booking early to avoid disappointment is a must.

Where can we find Cups Tea Room?

Cups Tea Room
The Old Chapel
KW14 7UJ

And online?

The Cups Tea Room website –
The Cups Tea Room Facebook page –
On Twitter – @CupsTearoom
On Instagram –

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