How To Plan A Baby Shower

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How To Plan A Baby Shower

Everything You Need To Know To Make The Day Special For The Mother-To-Be

A baby shower is a fun way to get friends and family of a mother-to-be together to celebrate, share, and prepare for a new bundle of joy to enter the world! Baby showers have grown in popularity throughout the past several decades, and they are great for first-time mothers when it comes to getting the items she may need, as well as hearing some helpful advice from current mothers and family members. If you’re planning a baby shower for a mum-to-be, here are some helpful tips to make the party a huge success.

The When, The Where, and The How Much?

If you’ve decided to plan/host a baby shower for a friend or family member, don’t let the task become overly daunting. It should actually be quite a fun and enjoyable experience! First, it’s important to set a date and time to give potential guests plenty of time to mark their calendars, clear schedules, etc. Setting a location that is relatively central to your guests is not only courteous, but it will likely ensure that more people are able to come. Finally, before planning anything else, it’s important to set a budget. It certainly is not out of line to ask others to help you with planning or various tasks, and if they would like to contribute financially to the shower, that can be extremely helpful, too. Decide on a budget, and work around it when it comes to decorations, food, etc. This will help keep you in line when it comes to over-buying, and finding the best deals for the type of shower you want to give.

Choose A Theme

Choosing a specific theme for a baby shower can make everything else fall into place quite easily. It may be a good idea to discuss possible themes with the mother-to-be. Perhaps she has a specific theme in mind for her child’s nursery, etc., that would be great to add on to. This theme can encompass everything from your decorations, to your food, and even the types of gifts people bring. Send out your themed invitations accordingly, and plan your menu and party games around this particular theme. Some popular theme ideas include farm animals, sports, jungle, princesses, Disney movies, etc. Choosing a theme can be one of the most fun and creative parts of planning the whole shower!

Menu Planning

If you’re basing your food selections on a theme, it’s still favourable to go with light dishes. Tea parties or brunch-style dishes are most popular for baby showers, mostly consisting of ‘finger foods’, delicate sandwiches, salads, and light, bite-sized desserts. Baby showers are often scheduled in the late morning or early afternoon, so having a big, heavy meal isn’t all that practical. It is likely that people will eat while they are socializing, rather than sitting down together at a table solely to focus on eating.

Plan Activities and Recruit

Again, don’t feel as though you have to do everything alone when planning a successful shower. Perhaps your weaknesses may be another person’s strengths. Planning games and activities, for example, can be a task to delegate onto another person. Many different popular baby shower games can be found with a bit of online research, or, be creative and come up with your own. Many popular games somehow insert bits of advice for the mother-to-be, or allow her to take something home with her. Don’t forget to have small prizes for your game winners!

Last Minute Goodies

Before the shower, make sure your space is clean, decorated, and your food and desserts are displayed well enough for everyone to have easy access. Remember, a shower is as much a social event as it is a gift-giving event, so your space should be open enough for people to feel comfortable talking with one another.

Your mum-to-be will certainly walk away with a wonderful pile of gifts, and it is always courteous to plan ahead for some kind of assistance for her. Whether this means someone to help her load her gifts into her car, or someone to take her gifts to her home for her, it’s one final gesture that can really make the shower a happy memory for the new mother.

For your other guests, it’s a great idea to have small tokens or ‘goodie bags’ available for them to take home. These can include small things like sweets, skin care or bath products, etc. If you happen to have a theme for the shower, finding small treats for everyone to fit that theme can make it a bit easier for you. They can also take their prizes from games home in these bags, so plan accordingly for size.

Finally, don’t be embarrassed to get your same star recruits back after the shower is over, for help with clean-up, thank you notes, etc. A shower can quickly turn into an easy-to-manage event if you have more hands available to help you.

If you’re planning a baby shower for a friend or family member, keep these tips in mind for the most memorable shower ever! We’re confident you, your guests, and the mother-to-be will have a wonderful time, and it will be a party they won’t soon forget.

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