What Is A Nappy Cake?

Posted on March 7, 2016 in Featured/ Gifts

What Is A Nappy Cake

What Is A Nappy Cake?

With the popularity of baby showers on the rise throughout the UK, more and more traditions are being adopted and becoming common place at baby showers all over the country. These include games, activities, decorations and specific presents. One iconic gift that is sure to stand out from the rest is the nappy cake. Yes, you read that correctly!

A good nappy cake provides the mum-to-be with a few starter items she will need once the baby arrives. It’s a stunning gift that is often used as a centrepiece for the baby shower itself and is made to look like a traditional celebration layer cake. Instead of flour and sugar, however, you build this cake with nappies, cloths and bottles of baby products (baby wash, powder, shampoo, lotion).

How Do You Make A Nappy Cake?

It’s relatively simple to create a stunning nappy cake. You need to think of it as a traditional layered cake like those you might see at weddings or christenings and build it up one layer at a time. For a sizable cake, you’ll need about 50 nappies and a small elastic band to secure each one after you’ve rolled it up into a cylinder. You can secure a few bottles of baby products with a larger elastic band, and surround them with your cylinders of nappies. Once you have a full circle, you can secure the whole thing by tying a decorative ribbon around it. This is your first ‘layer.’

Once you get the hang of how to position your nappies and baby products, the process will go more smoothly and quickly! The top tier of the cake, no matter how many layers you choose to make, will be made of only nappies, rolled into cylinders, put together in a bunch, and secured with a larger elastic band.

How To Make A Nappy Cake

With the nappy cake itself assembled, it is completely up to you how you choose to decorate it. You can adorn it with wrapping paper or flowers, dummies or perhaps even a few small toys – the sky is the limit, and you can really put your imagination to use when putting the final touches on your nappy cake.

Decorating A Nappy Cake

The Perfect Gift For The Expectant Mother

Nappy cakes are a unique, useful, thoughtful gift and a true show-stopper at any baby shower. With a bit of practice and the right supplies, you can create the perfect nappy cake to take to the next baby shower you’re invited to. We would love to see what you come up with so make sure to tag us or send us your photos!

Finished Nappy Cake
All photos courtesy of Personal Creations.

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