When To Have A Baby Shower

Posted on February 22, 2016 in Featured/ Hosting

When To Have A Baby Shower

When Is The Best Time To Have A Baby Shower?

Having a baby shower is a wonderful tradition for expectant mothers and their families. Not only is it a great way to celebrate the excitement of having a baby, whether it’s for the first time or not, it also gives the expectant mum a chance to learn, laugh, and receive a few essentials she might need to make the baby’s life as comfortable as possible. A typical baby shower has a specific theme, such as animals, a certain book or movie, etc. This can fit the gender of the baby, if known, or make it an easy way to pick out specific gifts that fit the mother’s taste for their upcoming baby’s nursery, etc.

From unique games, to food, and from gifts to overall preparation, a baby shower can be a lot of fun for both mum-to-be and all guests in attendance. However all that planning can take a while and even for a low-key event it’s important to consider a specific timeline for a few different reasons.

While opinions may vary on when the best time to have a baby shower is, a good rule of thumb is to hold a shower early on in the third trimester for the mother. While arguments may go back and forth when it comes to how many ‘weeks,’ there are a few things to keep in mind when considering the proper, and most considerate timeline. The most important thing you can do is consider the mother and how she’ll manage the shower, from every angle.

Not Too Early

Throwing a baby shower in the third trimester, or around 32 weeks of pregnancy, is ultimately going to be the safest option. Unfortunately, there is a ‘danger’ period in pregnancy that typically occurs within the first few months. It’s a difficult reality, but during this time there can be complications, and in extreme situations some mothers can even lose their baby. Planning a baby shower in the early stages of pregnancy isn’t smart, or safe for the mother.

Having a shower too early can also be a bit overwhelming for mum-to-be, especially if she plans on learning the sex of the baby. Knowing if the shower is for a boy or girl can make a big difference in decor, gifts, etc.

Not Too Late

Having a baby shower early on in the third trimester will give the family time to create a nursery, and to purchase items they want/need and may not get from a shower. Having a baby shower just a week or two before a baby is supposed to be born can leave very little time for parents to get ready when it comes to a cot, pram, bottles, and even clothes. The mother and father will have a lot on their plates already, and a baby shower is designed to alleviate some of that stress, not create more. Giving them several additional weeks to prepare for the baby after the shower is the courteous thing to do – this means you’ll have to send invitations out to family, friends, etc. late in the second trimester. Encourage the parents-to-be to create a registry online for gifts they want and need for their new baby, and include a link or small description in the invitations to suggest where people can purchase their gifts. This is a great way for the parents to keep track of what has been bought in real time, so they don’t have to stress over buying it themselves with only a short amount of time before the baby is born.

In having a shower later in the third trimester, you’re also running the risk of the mother having lower energy levels, or even the idea that the baby could be born before the shower itself. This can create a headache for the parents, who could be unprepared if they were expecting certain gifts from the shower. Having a shower after a baby is born can be a stressful experience, too, since a new mother will likely want to be at home as much as possible with her new baby. This is a time for parents to rest, bond with their baby, and become comfortable with their new routine.

The Thought That Counts

If you’re thinking about throwing a baby shower for a friend or relative, consider the perfect timeline for the mum-to-be. A great place to start is simply to ask her what she would be most comfortable with. You can do the leg work, but don’t forget to have the mother, or both parents, as involved as they would like to be in the decision-making process for the shower. They may have different ideas and suggestions so it’s important to take their thoughts into consideration in order to keep their stress level as low as possible. This will keep things low key for everyone, and will ensure a comfortable, fun, and memorable shower for the parents before they welcome their new bundle of joy into the world!

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